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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO defined: Search Engine Optimization refers to the organic or “free” website listings which appear in Google, Yahoo and other search engines when someone types in a search word or phrase.

How it works - Interior Design Business

The following is a hypothetical example:

An internet user searches Google for “interior designer new york”.

The user clicks on the website that most matches what they’re searching for (normally, the first website clicked is in the top 3 Google results).

The user is taken to a page within the website.

The users scans the content and pictures and decides whether they wish to click on another page in the website, contact the business or close it and go back to the Google search.

SEO for interior design companies

Why this is important to your business - Interior Design Business

Every day millions of searches are performed on Google and other major search engines by people looking to connect with information and businesses. The internet is equally important to business owners. It serves as a marketing gateway to connect with potential clients. When a website ranks in the top positions for popular keyword searches, they stand to benefit from the quality internet traffic generated by this ranking.

To visualize how this would work for your market, take out the word “New York” in the above example and type in your city or state.

It wouldn’t be uncommon for a website ranking in the #1 position for “interior designer Los Angeles” to generate 5 leads/month from this key phrase alone. When you begin ranking for other target phrases, like “Los Angeles interior design company” and “commercial interior designers in Los Angeles”, your website stands to generate more leads, thus connecting you with more potential clients.

SEO results created by Interior design expert - Interior Design Business

We know interior design and we understand how the average internet user searches Google (and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing). Based on precise analytic tools and past data from other interior design clients, we can accurately predict how an internet user searches for interior design businesses online. Once we have determined the top keywords and phrases, we begin making strategic keyword edits to your website and get other companies in the industry to link to your website from their website. As we get your website to rank higher and higher in Google, the website generates more visibility, thus increasing the likelihood of more and more internet users clicking into the website, translating into leads for your business.

We realize not every interior design business owner fully comprehends the landscape of search engine optimization and how this relates to their business. And we don’t expect them too. We work side by side with business owners and marketing heads to inform, guide and explain how we reach our target objectives and what it takes to get there. Keeping the client informed and current is as important to the client as it is to us.

Julia Molloy - Interior Design Business Guru

Julia Molloy

Our mission is to empower designers and advance the industry. We do this by facilitating the design firms' ability to function at a higher level operationally and position themselves as a luxury provider.